.We are a family of soon to be 4 + a few fur babies with a lot of big plans for the future! Currently living in an apartment consisting of 1,150 sqft with 2 bedrooms (one of which is a playroom/office), 2 adults, 2 dogs, 1 cat, a toddler, a soon to be newborn and enough toys to fill a toy store. We are planning on growing our family while downsizing our home in a couple of years! For now, those plans will remain a secret, though. 😉 We aren’t your typical, conventional, “normal” family. Baking and cooking with things like organic coconut sugar, almond flour and bone broth. Eating and drinking probiotics and other live cultures. Making homemade kombucha. Growing our own mini garden on the patio. Co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, baby-wearing toddlers (and babies, of course) and choosing to not have babysitters on the regular. Although we aren’t exactly where we want to be, while still eating a plethora of sugar items (we can’t leave Fresh Thyme without some gummy bears!) and still using “bad for you” shampoos and conditioners (nothing makes my hair quite as soft as those toxic chemicals! 😉 ), we are striving every day to reach a healthier lifestyle!

Our family consists of myself, Hannah, who is a stay at home mom while also doing some freelance writing during the rare naps and bedtimes. Jessie (my husband) is a USAF Veteran who is going to school full time for IT while working part time. Sahara, our 1 year old little spitfire, is forcing us to spend 95% of our days outside while demanding apples that she just spits out onto the floor. Skyla, our sweet youngest daughter who has yet to enter this world, is spending 100% of her time sleeping, kicking, rolling around and growing. Cortana, our 50 pound boxer, is either begging someone to play with her (because 95% of the day outside isn’t enough playtime) or giving up and sleeping on top of someone. Chiquita, the little 4 pound rat, I mean chihuahua, spends her time hating the fact that we live in cold Minnesota. And finally there’s Master Chief, our easy-going cat, who spends the majority of his day getting wrestled by the toddler.

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